Excavation & Demolition

Excavation & Demolition

We can do it all for you! Full site preparation, removal of old structures, building foundations, earth moving and lot shaping, we can give you the help you need.

In cases where you need to remove a small amount of bedrock or granite, or remove rock close to an existing structure, we can use a special substance called Dexpan for a simpler non-explosive method of rock removal. Dexpan is a unique eco-safe chemical compound that when applied to drill holes in the rock, expands with such strength over the period of several hours that it literally breaks the rock apart.

In situations where you need to remove larger amounts of rock, we work with a fully certified and insured blaster to provide the highest quality of excavation and shaping results safely.

If you’re looking to demolish your existing home or cottage to rebuild, we can also provide shipping container rentals for you to store your possessions in a completely secure manner, on site, until the job is completed. Call us for more details.

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    Brings new ideas and materials to the attention of the committee- proactive in ditching and water management- looks for ways to eliminate the problem, not fix or repair it. JOB WELL DONE!"

    G. James